Something I almost can’t forget people for

I am an empathic, sensitive and compassionate person. I cannot get mad and remain mad at others, I forgive easily but there’s one thing I almost cannot forgive people for: lacking to put confidence in me or failing to ask me for explanations before blaming me.

I’m an open-minded and open person, I always do my best to be, stay and remain honest to myself and to others. I am no mystery to people surrounding me(friends, relatives, colleagues). Thus, I hate when people take the easiest road and just accept to blame me based on rumors or seem-true-but-not-evident bases.

I work hard to earn others’ confidence, I work hard to deserve others’ confidence, I accept in NO WAY their failure to reward my hard work.

Stories of my life have shown that I have done things greater than I ever thought I could just because someone put his/her confidence in me, they believed in me. It feels so good to be trusted, to have other people relying on you, others who believe more in you than your own self.

If somebody didn’t believe in me, I wouldn’t be what I am today. After my parents’ divorce, I was very determined to revenge by being the most rebellious girl ever. My school principal-one of the greatest people I’ve known in my life- so believed in me that I had no other choice than being an excellent student. Some senior friends so believed in me that I could not give up my chance to become a marvelous being.

I have learned that trusting someone, believing in someone can be very upbuilding. From that time on, I have learned to earn people’s trust. And I’m grateful that I met those people in my life.

That is why, today, it’s unbearable for me to forgive a close friend or relative who failed to trust in me.


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