Back To My Weight Loss Journey…..

Chocolate bars all day everyday, pasta every week, late dinners, sleep interruptions to go eating at night, missed workouts, summary: messy nutrition and fitness life. 

I felt I gained pounds, was getting curvier  but never dared getting on the scale.  I didn’t want to assess the damages until… 

Friday, December 23, 2011, 10h:00 am- Accompanied with a friend (I always need someone’s support to have enough courage to face my weight reality), I went to the restroom and got on the scale.  SHOCK!!!!!! I was shocked!  234 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lips sealed, sweating hand palms, I was literally trembling…….  I gained 40 lbs!!!! From January to May 2011, I lost 30 lbs and managed to keep them off until I let go and gain so many pounds…….I almost fell in tears….There was nobody else to blame than myself…….I felt so bad…  It was time to take repairing action…. and as soon as possible. 


That same day, I started my pre-diet.  My goal was to lose 2.5 lbs per two-week.  My weight loss regimen consisted of drinking only two sweetened drinks per week, 3 liters of water per day, one chocolate bar divided in eight portions per week, no rice, less red meat, veggies and fruits everyday, green detox teas, one glass of water with lemon or apple vinegar every morning and exercising twice per week.  Guess what?!  I lost 16 lbs as per my last checkup on January 20th, yes 16 lbs! I went beyond my fixed goal! My body is very responsive! yaay!

Working on it- Minus 16

As I am starting again my journey, my worst ennemy is my lack of motivation.  One day, I am the most determined person in the world, the other day, I feel like giving up all weight loss journey and eat whatever I want to eat.  It’s very difficult for me to stick to my weight loss goal.  Something that helps me overcome this problem is my new perspective of fitness and nutrition, I do not see them as means to help me achieve my weight loss goal only anymore, I see them as ways to have a healthy life.  Picturing it as a long-term commitment helps me a lot. 

My mid-term goal is to lose 60 pounds by December 31, 2012 and in the long term, reach 130 lbs!  I want to lose it and keep the extra pounds off.  I want to go back to my 2006 look. 

With a classmate back in 2006Was size 8 to 10, 135 lbs

I am now working on my weight loss plan, carefully drafting my fighting strategy.  I sincerely hope I do not give up this time! May my journey be a success!