New Knowledges And Reminders About Nutrition- From My Today Nutrition Session

“Love to eat. Hate to exercise” my today nutrition session was about the obesity trends in the U.S. for the past twenty years, nutrition, environmental control and physical activity.

What I have noted for future personal application (use):

 A- I need to eat from 2.5 to 6.5 fruits and veggies per day.  I studied that back in high school and during my Nutrition & Fitness classes when I was in RI but I wasn’t really practicing that.  Back on track.

B- I need to limit my consumption of sodium, energy drinks, saturated, trans fat and cholesterol.  I will need to focus more on the product label when I am shopping for grocery.  For the cholesterol part, it is going to be hard.  While I am not a fan of organ meats, I love eggs (white part plus yolk). Very often, I eat more than the normal weekly portion! Yummy but not so healthy.

C- My daily portion of food should equally have fruits, veggies , grains and proteins.  My master problem is the grains! Put aside pastas and popcorn (fat and butter free of course), I am not a real fan of  grains.  I do not like bulgar, oatmeal, brown rice! Ewww but  I need to consume like 3 1-oz serving of it per day!  Real trial!

My afterward resolutions:

A- Increase my daily food intake.  I have a wide variety of fruits here in Haiti.  This will not be very hard 🙂

B- Start to be active.  So far, I used to focus more on the EAT LESS part of dieting than on the EXERCISE MORE. 

#1- I will try to exercise 30 minutes every day (zumba, cardio, aerobics, social dancing, walking).  Grrrr….I am going to miss my laziness.

#2- Taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work. 

C- Tracking my calories.  Record every little thing I put on my mouth.  I did for today and I have extra calories I can add 😀

I found a weight loss fight buddy.  I sincerely hope this will help me remain motivated.

Some useful websites for more information about healthy nutrition and fitness:






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