Belated Welcome To My New Pup: Matteo

As I lost Khaki, my beloved puppy, I was given a new furry friend eleven days after his death.  My mom called him Matteo, from the Italian meaning Gift from God.  He came at a moment where everybody was still mourning about Khaki and we didn’t expect to find a furry friend anytime soon.  Mom was so happy that she named him a gift.

Matteo, less than one month old, the day I received him

While every being is unique- dogs included- I find it hard not to compare him to Khaki! They are brothers ( mix of a poddle and a labrador mix(dacshund+labrador)).  Matteo got born shortly before Khaki died.  Khaki’s parents died shortly after that and I rescued Matteo.

With his big friend Spiky- January 16, 2012

He has a labrador phenotype ( Khaki looked more like his Poodle dad).  He is obedient, easy-going, sociable, very friendly, affectuous, so hyperactive that he is turbulent (Khaki was turbulent too and very bold).  While Khaki was my sister’s big friend, Matteo is my mom’s big love. 

My 3-month old boy- Feb 8, 2012

I love Matteo. He loves you unconditionally, he brightens your day with his enthusiasm and cheerful habits, he develops friendships, he is docile, smart and independent.  I probably gave Khaki more time and attention but I love Matt, my giant puppy.


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