Weight Loss Journey Doesn’t End Natural Hair Journey- Update On My Hair

From January 9 through April 8, I am into a PROTECT YOUR ENDS/HAIR NOW SHOW challenge.  Below you will find the protective looks I have worked so far:

Protective Style # 1-  I didn’t have enough time the first week to go and sew in weave or put braids in my hair so I rock the bun with the Bob Marley Hair add-on for the whole week.  (If you want more information on how to rock this style, let me know by commenting below).

#1- Bun with Marley Braid Added

Protective Style #2- The Jerry Curl Sew In Weave with Superstar Curly Hair.  I spent two weeks and half with this style.  For the first week, I kept it to 10″ then after I cut it.  I really like the two-tone effect.

#2- Jerry Curl Sew In Weave with Superstar Jerry Curl Hair                                              

Back to Marley Braid Faux Bun

 Protective Style # 5- Outre Soft Baby Curl Premium Human Hair Wet and Wavy Weave.  I put this hair last Saturday and I love the fact that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance( I barely detangle it :>) just water and it waves. Not only is it not good for people to keep hair under weave for more than six weeks but myself I am too versatile in my style to keep a hair for more than one month(the biggest time I have ever left a hair in my hair for-oh I once left a weave for two months!).  I am going to keep it until March 3 then my next one will be braids.

Protective Style # 5- Outre Baby Soft Premium Hair Weave – The wet look
The dry look

So far, so good…


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