When Emotional Eating And Need Of Versatility Can Mess Up Your Weight Loss Journey…

I am on high stress and have a bunch of worries  these days.  As an emotional eater, one of my best comforting options has always been to eat.  Eating makes me forget, makes me feel good and gives me the strength to get back on the battlefield.  But, now that I am on my weight loss journey, I can’t rely on food to boost up my mood.  But the temptation to lean on food is so big.  My weight loss journey is threatened.

Yesterday, I didn’t let go.  Instead of let myself eat for emotional comfort, I remove my 9-day sew-in weave and did my hair (I know this is crazy but it truly helped me-not only did it prevent me from eating but also I felt better after doing something I love: pampering my hair).

Today, I am still fighting the temptation but I am not very sure I will make it….. Guilty face… Ashamed face….. Embarrassed face….. Okay! I know I should fight until the end.  I don’t want to mess up my journey…..  I took a long moment to talk to Jehovah this morning, I ask him to help me have a good day and so far, it is all working.  Prayer is another way for me to get over my burdens.  Such a relief!

My second temptation is to fad-diet.  I know they’re unhealthy and generally don’t help in the long run but I want to do one fad- diet.  So this is the compromise: What I want (a fad-diet: the 3 day diet or the grapefruit diet), then I get back to my originally healthy step-by-step diet.  I am getting bored with my wise diet.  I need to insert some crazy input to enliven it.  And that crazy input is going to be a fad-diet.  Yes, I will fad-diet the coming month. #Stubborn Myself

As I am writing about my fad-diet idea(a little adventure to remove me from the everyday wisdom),my mood is improving.  Heheheee, I even have a smile on my face (the first real one since the beginning of this week). 

The bottom line is I am not going to let myself fall in emotional-eating but I will of course follow a little fad-diet plan.  😀  (I am feeling guilty but I know –I promise to myself to get back on the healthy step-by-step weight loss journey-I will make it).

I am already feeling better.  Writing makes wonders (better than eating for comfort actually, lol).


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