From NCSI to Prison Break, Four Actors With Killing Eyes….

-Four Series Characters With Extremely Cute Eyes-

#4- Anthony Dinozzo, from NCSI: flirty, funny and crazy, friendly character.  His smile enhances his cute eyes.

#4- Anthony Dinozzo   

# 3- Michael Scofield, from Prison Break: Focused, determined, serious and so attaching character.  His eyes have a special glow when he is thinking.

# 3- Michael Scofield

# 2- Neal Caffrey, from White Collar: Smart, vivid, daring and attaching character.  Adding to his being stylish, he has such eyes!

#2- Neal Caffrey#1- Damon Salvatore, from VDiary: Fierce, bold, sarcastic but very sensitive. His sharp eyes are real wonders.#1- Damon Salvatore

Just wanted to share some awesome beauties with you.