Weight Loss Journey Update- I Am Doing Just Great

Yaaaay! I get good news!   I finally weighed myself yesterday (last time was January 25- getting on the scale is so discouraging that I do rarely) and what I saw made my day.  I could feel I lost pound as my clothes were not fitting and people were noticing my weight loss but I had a revelation yesterday when I got on the scale:  190 lbs!  Yes! From 234 to 1-9-0 POUNDS!  Hourraaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!  I am smiling, I am laughing, I am blushing, I am aawww-ing!!!!! Oh yeeeeeeees!!!!

From December 27, 2011 to April 1st, 2012- 3 months and 5 days- Down to size 14, 44 lbs lighter and loving it.  Reward for my continuous researches on proper fitness and nutrition, my waking up early to go jogging, my working hard to acquire and MAINTAIN healthy fitness and nutrition.  It is never easy!  Adapting to changes, getting disciplined, eating healthy but it is oh-so rewarding. I am chilllinnnnng but….

I just won a BATTLE, I didn’t win the WAR yet.  I have a very reactive metabolism and I lose pounds as easily as I gain them.  I have to keep up the good work.  I can do this!!!!! Discipline, motivation and perseverance! That’s all it takes to achieve goals 🙂

I am more and more motivated to continue with  my weight loss journey.


3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey Update- I Am Doing Just Great

  1. Martine says:

    I’m Happy for you Annie!!!

  2. UniqueCath says:

    I admire your motivation and determination to achieve your goals. Keep it up! 🙂

  3. Ketsia says:

    congratulations Annie

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