~Words of a disheartened soul~

 When my pillows are over flooding with my tears

When eating cannot comfort anymore my fears

When my sleep is full of continuous nightmares

When my hands tremble and my palms sweat

When my heartbeat accelerates non stop

I search relaxation in my God and my friend


When I am so worried that I am losing my mind

When no human soul can be anymore my solace

When my burden is so heavy that I become useless

When things go out of my control and I am powerless

When I have the impression I am completely drowning

I cry out to my Heavenly Father Jehovah


I will not survive if I try to carry this load by myself

This thorn is hacking to pieces my bowels

Humm! This knife is too deep into my gashes

Sometimes, I wonder if this is not a prank

Some other times, I wish it was a dream

Then I remember if and wish are not reality


As a courageous loser, I lay down my arms

As an obedient patient, I uncover my wounds

In search of a balm, a healing, a relief, a break

The strength, the courage, the determination

That only my God can bring me


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