♥ Ode To Love ♥

“I love you more than any word can say. I love you more than every action I take.  I’ll right here loving you till the end.”

Love! The weirdest word I know, the most insane feeling that exists.

Yet it is the most meaningful expression and the sweetest sentiment.

It turns your life upside down and makes you see all the colors of the rainbow

But gives a sense to your life and spice it with bright and joy.


Love! You remind me of so many hurtful and heart-wrenching memories

Yet I feel the need to have you in my life now and forever

Love!  How do you manage your duality: you’re bitter, you are sweet

You taste absinthe, you taste honey, you smell stink, you smell bouquet


Love! You weaken, you strengthen, you build, you kill.

I cried, grieved, mourned so many times because of you

Yet I find the courage and the urge to love even more

Through joy, through misery, through pain, through happiness

Despite everything, because of nothing, I love love.

I am condemned to love…



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