Pouring Out My Concern

Just few days ago, it was Day D-69 and now it is almost Day D-7. It is drawing near too quickly.

I belittle it, I try not to think about it, I joke about it, I fee not to face it but my reality is getting to me, soon!

Oh my God! This is a too big change for me not to be shaken. It is too much for me to handle easily. I am shivering of fear.

This is the very first time the word ALONE will be so meaningful to me. I have plenty of friends. Yet, they do not- they cannot replace my family. In fact, nobody NOBODY can replace my mother…..

This is bringing me back to my two main errors: If I did this, I’d be….., If only I didn’t do that, I’d be….! Ruminating my regrets, yes! And again! Delirium!

The smell of my own anxiety is invading my nostrils. I am afraid, I fear it! Will I make it??!

Time will tell. As for now, I’m just rotting of fear.


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