Men’s Achilles’ Heel

“Femme, observe et apprends. Laisse faire l’homme” (Woman, observe and learn. Let the man handle this)  C.T.

Yesterday, two female, one female friends and I were  stuck in traffic around the Metropolitan area.  As every afternoon, on our way back home, there is a subject to discussed about.  The afternoon topic was about the secret to manage men:  constantly praise them and even though they are wrong, show support to them.

When a cat believes it is a lion

Although hard to admit, I should agree that this is true.  All men believe they are SUPERMAN. Therefore, they like to feel needed, useful, powerful.  Men like submission and support.  Like babies and dogs, the more you praise them, the more you get the best out of them.

Men believe that nothing can get in their way of doing the impossible.  They are always strong, always right, invincible and indestructible (lol rolling eyes).

The words quoted in the introduction were addressed to me by  one male colleague after I had proved him wrong while performing a task. LOL

It was very difficult for me to accept this fact but with experience and time, I am getting used to it.  That’s why, sometimes, in an argument, I do not fight back right away.  I am learning to master the art of winning the battle while keeping the peace 🙂

Sometimes, the best way to win the argument is not to talk your mind (FOR THE MOMENT of course), keep silent and say OK.  Later on, at a more appropriate moment, you will win the argument plus the world just for having admitted he was RIGHT.

Praise and support a man and win his heart and plus :)- correct me if I am wrong.


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