Field Service- One of My Favorite Activities

As you all probably know it, I’m Jehovah’s witness and one of the activities I participate a lot in is field service. Not only is it one of God’s command but also because it gives you an opportunity to defend God’s name and to show love to my neighboors.

I especially enjoyed it this morning. I was in the Port-au-Prince cemetery surbubs and I met that man who believed nobody would please God because nobody cannot fully do his will. Therefore, we will be eternally punished and find no mercy. After having read verses showing how merciful, full of love and forgiving God was, I read 1 timothy 2:3 and 4 stating about how happy God would be that all mankind be saved if they acquire knowledge of the truth. I really liked the illustration I used to support my point.

Imagine you have a daughter who is willing to cook you fried eggs. Generally, the most perfect fried eggs to you would be those with a fair amount of salt and spice and properly fried. But your daughter, with all of her love and with the best intention, did fried eggs but a little burnt and with no salt. Would you refuse to eat it or would you blame your daughter while she did her utmost to please you? Likewise, we are not perfect, yet if we do our best to do God’s will, he will befriend us.

Both of us were comforted by this. It reinforced my love for God, it made him see God and himself another way.

There is nothing more joyful than serving God and overall giving to others.


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