Five Random Things I am Passionate Of

Five Random Things I really am crazy about:

1- Etiquette, conventions, procedures, methods, laws and principles.  I strongly believe that while there are many ways to do things, there are always best ways to do so.

2- Budgeting, planning and organizing.  I know nobody is perfect and nobody can do things the perfect way but I tend to draw as closer as possible to the perfection when I PLAN/CALCULATE/ORGANIZE.

3- Details.  People tend to give more value to the whole then to the part.  I, myself, believe that you form the whole with the combination of parts. Mediocre parts make mediocre wholesome.  Therefore, I am very  VERY detail-oriented. I watch, I spy, I sift through everything.

4- Aesthetic harmony, fashion, trend, art. I like beauty and it pleases me to see things arranged/created/done with proper aesthetic harmony.  God gives us such good examples: the flowers, the sunset, the animals  – blend of colors, beauty, aesthetic, art and class.

5- Babies.  I LOVE babies and their world: from pacifiers, bottles, odors, blablas, skins.  This, I really can’t explain. Babies are one of my greatest passions.



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