Did You Know? I Am a FBI

I am healthy. I am happy.  I am not needy.  I am young, smart, beautiful.  I am friend with Jehovah.  I have wonderful friends.  I have a good boyfriend.  No complaints! I am a FBI.

I am on vacation spending time with my closest relatives: my mom, her three sisters and their siblings, my much loved uncle and his family.  I sleep late and wake up late.  I eat whatever I want.  I get fun all through the day.  No doubts, I am a FBI.

The last time I was such a FBI, it was in summer 2003 and I thought I would never be that happy anymore until August 2nd, 2012.

I love it! I love being a Fully Blessed Individual, FBI.


2 thoughts on “Did You Know? I Am a FBI

  1. cathevilbrun says:

    Your positivity is so overwhelming that it makes me feel nauseaous… well in a good way. Kind of like when you had too much sweets and you start feeling your stomach roll over sort of feeling! Lool! But hey, I am in no way envious. I love contemplating the happiness of others 🙂

  2. cathevilbrun says:

    FBI: i thought that meant Faboulous * Beautiful * Intelligent? lol! Depends on the angle you view things. Could be that too!

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