Be Nice as Often as You Can

I should have been sleeping long ago because I’m going to work tomorrow morning. But I had to stay up to chat with some of my friends facing troublesome situations in their family and relationship.

I am tired but happy. Happy not because I solved their problem but because I helped them carry their burden.

Life is so full with problems. We all have something going wrong which trouble us a lot. We all bend under heavy loads, we all groan of sorrow, we all suffer because of something or someone.

Sometimes, what we need is a helping hand, an available shoulder to cry on, an ear ready to listen to us, someone to help us carry our yoke.

People might be smiling while their heart is wounding. Don’t we add up to others’ pain. For as long as we can, let’s be comforting, let’s say something nice, let’s be nice, let’s share up building thoughts with others as much as possible.

Not only will they feel better but we will also feel happy because we cheered up a neighbor. As the Bible states it, there is more joy in giving. Let’s brighten people’s world.

Good night


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