Acquisition Requires Use & Maintenance

Lately, I have taken sometime to observe people who acquire new things-items ranging  from a new gadget to a house and have categorized them in three groups: the ones who truly need the acquired item, the ones who need it but will not maintain the object for it to last and the ones who just acquire without neither the time nor the willing to use the item.

Too many people get caught up into the trap of shopping/buying just for the sake of doing it.  Acquisition requires use and maintenance.

Whenever you are shopping for/buying something new, bear also in mind that you will have to maintain your belonging for it to last. To buy something, you need to have the money/means to acquire it plus the money/means (and the willingness) to maintain it. If not, you will waste your money.  Imagine someone who buys a laptop and doesn’t regularly update its security software and BOW, because of a virus, it crashed!!! Isnt’ it a loss? Another example: If you buy a new car and do not service the engine regularly, what will happen?! 


Cash is precious, don’t buy something you will not use. And the tendency to buy things we will not necessarily use is very related to impulsive and emotional shopping.  For having been an emotional shopper myself (still fighting this battle), I can say how many times I  bought things on the go just because at first sight, it pleased me…. Throughout the years, I have changed.  I find it stupid to buy something and leave it here unused and each time I look at it, I say to myself I will use it later, tomorrow, the next month…..never. 

Don’t buy something you will NOT have the time to use.  How many times have I seen people disbursing all their dimes and beyond… in buying a new house whose mortgage they are so busy working hard to pay that they don’t have the time to “use” it.  It just doesn’t make sense!

The next time you will be buying something, ask yourself if you NEED it? if you will USE it and if you will MAINTAIN it!


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