Fall Trends 2012- Color / Clothing / Nails

I am not a trend addict but I like fashion.  I made a research on the color, clothing and nail trends for Fall 2012 and I am sharing my findings with you below.


Below are the colors who made the list for Fall 2012 (Source: Pantone).  I don’t know why they didn’t mention red…..

1- Honey Gold   2- Pink Flambe   3- Tangerine Tango  4- Ultramarine Green  

5- Bright Chartreuse  6- Olympian Blue  7- Titanuim  8- Rhapsody  9- Rose Smoke  10- French Roast

Pantone Fall Color Trends 2012

Honey gold(I like whatever that is gold), green and olympian blue are my selections.  I hate pink/rose and don’t have any preference for dark colors.

B- CLOTHING (Source: Glamour)

1- Dresses with High draped necklines    2- White and black suiting

3- Dress with contrasting collar    4- Belted white dresses    5- Pale grey dresses

Dress with constrasting collar

All that matters to me is # 3. 

C- NAILS (Source: Elle)

1- Dark and stormy colors (Marine blue, burgundy, black)

2- Pale colors (white, rose smoke, khaki, light gold)

3- French manucure

Have fun and enjoy your fall 🙂


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