Build Your OWN Happiness

Nowadays, it is very common to see people building their happiness based on others’ criteria. This is a delusion and it will surely lead them to failure.

We are all human. Yet, we are different. We do not share the same viewpoints, we do not share the same values, we do not have the same education, we do not have the same background. Each one of us is unique. Therefore, it is impossible for all of us to build our happiness the same way.

To those people who feel the need to be happy the others’ way: Stop being copycats, stop being followers! Building your happiness is just like choosing your favorite color. You go by YOUR OWN rules/taste/sense.

To those people who always feel the need to advise people on what can make them happy: You are you. They are they. He/She is he/she. Stop interfering into others’ personal life. Happiness is PERSONAL.

If the others’ dream is to be a billionaire, don’t be afraid of your dream to live a simple life. If your dream is to build a family, don’t pressure your married peers to have children.

Build your OWN happiness and give others the chance build their OWN.


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