How Are You Doing in Your Life?

It’s all about mourning/sadness/grieving at work today.  Days ago, in the morn, a colleague was murdered with six gunshots in his way to work.  He was a father, a brother, a husband, a citizen, a human being; it was neither a sickness nor an accident.  Another being has just decided to curtail his life in front of his children! 

Life is so unpredictable….. so unpredictable that we, still alive people, should often assess our life to see how we are doing and if we are doing as we should. We truly never know how tomorrow will be…. Time is precious, life is precious, yet the two of them are ephemeral.  Like one of my favorite songs says it: Life is like a mist and it appears for just a day and disappears tomorrow.

To deal with the uncertain, you should rely on the certain. And two things are certain: what you have realized all through life and your relationship with God.  Everything else is vanity.  They fade away as quickly as they existed. 

What kind of person you are? Do you really care about who the inner you is?  How do others see you? How does God see you?  Do you waste your time running after vanity? Do you prioritize futile pursuits over essential things?  Do you really take the time to live?  Do you maintain a strong relationship with God?  Do you run your life based on your personal values or do you comply with what others think and say is correct? 

Take some time to assess your current life and see what needs to be changed/improved/done because, as stated in Ecclessiastes 9:10, all that your hand finds to do, do with your very power, for there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in She′ol, the place to which you are going. And particularly, draw close/closer to Jehovah, the One who gave us life and can re-give it to us.




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