One Quarter of a Century Old

Today, I turn 25. Yes, one quarter of a century old.  As per my tradition, although I do not celebrate birthdays, I write a post about how I did during the previous year and my goals for the freshly started one. Well, this year, I am not into talking about what I have done during my 24-year-old days and how I will be using my 365 next days as a 25-year-old woman.  I am into forecasting things I want to do before I reach my third decade :D.  Stay tuned:

1-I wanna get married and have two children, two DAUGHTERS. I can imagine your riposte already: Pray to have healthy children instead of expressing preferences.  While I get your point, yet, my penchant goes to daughters.  Aint’ I expressing a dream? My dream is shaped up with my taste….. What was I saying again? Yes I want a family before I turn 30.  Although this has become a very risky initiative and a lot of people fail in their marriage or family life, I still believe that people (including me) can be happily married and raise properly children.  Difficult, I concede (as a matter of fact, what is easy in life?), but feasible.

2-I wanna publish three books: one of those I wrote when I was in high school and want to publish, one about Grand Mal Epilepsy and another one about one of my passions in life.  I always wanted to be a writer and think this is the first of my biggest dreams ever.  I have held myself back for too long waiting (for what?), doubting, etc.  Time to work on what I, myself, want and love.

3- I also want to be a permanent auxiliary pioneer.  I am Jehovah’s witness and as so, it is important to participate in spreading the kingdom’s good news through field service.  As a permanent auxiliary pioneer, I will spend 50 hours minimum per month helping others to know Jehovah, my wonderful God. There is nothing better than that.

4- I was born a lawyer, I just need to get the certification to actually be one.  For the past four years, I have procrastinated a lot and did not start my law school. I made other studies but they make me unhappy in my career life because my number one passion in life is LAW.  Enough! I want to be a law professional before I turn 30.

5- I want to move away within five years.  Although I love my country: its culture, its food, its landscape and the people there, the person I am cannot fit in there.  If I stay there, I am going to drown.  I am too smart, too mindly organized, to straight forward, too enlightened to stay there.  And, why would I live far from my sister , my mother, my aunts, my whole family alone in the jungle?! Rolling my eyes.

If they are in accordance with God’s will, may all my dreams come true 🙂

Have a nice day people


One thought on “One Quarter of a Century Old

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