My 7S Reaction Toward Bad Experience

As I am growing more mature, I realized life comes with both enjoyable and terrible experiences.  The good ones make us happy.  We would avoid the bad ones if we could.  Unfortunately, we just can’t and sooner or later, whether we want it or not, we face them.  However, what will make a difference is how we react after a bad experience.  It is important because we can either grow stronger or fall apart afterward.

I am changing my point of view and my way to approach  dreadful situations.  My reaction is composed of 7 S:  Suffer-Study your lesson-Soothe your pain-Survive-Start again- Strive- Succeed.

1- Suffer: it is okay to suffer, and feel bad after having experienced something awful.  I allow myself to cry, to mourn, to feel the pain.

2- Study your lesson:  I find the courage to reassess what happened and see what I can learn from it.

3- Soothe your pain:  After the rage phase and the reasoning phase, I take the time to face my pain. I take the resolution to fix myself.

4- Survive:  I do my best to continue to have a normal living.  The rain doesn’t make the sun disappear forever. 

5- Start again:  That’s the toughest step.  It requires positivity, courage, strength.  When I hesitate to give it another try, I just remember when I was a baby.  If while I was learning to walk, I gave up when I fell down, I would not be a great walker today.  I just don’t let go when Plan A doesn’t work.

6- Strive:  Nothing is easy in life.  My theory is that if something is easy, then it’s not good.  Whatever you want to achieve, you have to work hard.  Life is an eternal fight.  I fight!

7- Succeed:  That’s the best step, the one where your smile comes back, you find hope again and you are fully satisfied of yourself, because you rise again.

I hope my 7S will help you as it is currently helping me with my several ongoing painful situations.

If it is not okay then it is not yet the end. I, myself, rose up from several ashes.  You also can. Keep up the fight.


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