The Hardest Goodbye Ever

I am opening this year with a note of sadness: the loss of  my best friend…..


2012 has taken oh so many dear people of mine away from me but I really didn’t expect to lose my last remaining masterpiece: my “bestest” friend ever.  I wish I could have control over the circumstances causing such a loss.  Unfortunately, life leaves you powerless and there are things you just have to learn to cope with.

He didn’t travel away, he didn’t die, he didn’t disappear, he just …betrayed me.

I spent the past nine days trying to question, deny and get mad at the truth. Well, it doesn’t change because the truth is the truth.

Here am I, sitting behind my computer screen, my heart ripped and my eyes blurry because of my tears, disappointed and hurt, saying goodbye to my bestest friend…..

Goodbye 😥



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