Count-your-Daily-Blessing – Day Two

~ Day Two ~

” If you’re worried and you can’t sleep
Just count your blessings instead of sheep. ” Bing Crosby

Yesterday was well a tough day.  I really had to fight myself to look out for the positive the day was bringing me. 

– I went to work without even doing my hair. I was so not into it.  A colleague willingly volunteered to do my hair. She patiently detangled my kinks and styled my hair.  Blessed me!


– An acquaintance of mine just sent me a gift at random.  She knew I like hoops and sent me a pair of silver earrings :D.  A gift is always a blessing 🙂 #CannotWaitToWearThem

– When you have a boss that cares for you more than for just your performance, you are privileged.  My boss is another mother to me, she always makes sure I am okay.  And yesterday morning, she made sure I had breakfast and treated me with a dark CHOCOLATE granola bar afterward. Yes chocolate as a blessing again 😀   #ILoveChocolate♥

– When I got home, my dog was cheerfully waiting for me and welcomed me so warmingly!  I am blessed to have Matteo ♥

-My greatest blessing for yesterday was of course a peaceful, uninterrupted and wonderful sleep.  It’s been more than a month since I had slept normally.  I really enjoyed it. 

I fall down but I really can rise up again.  I am a fully blessed individual.


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