One of My Favorite Mozart Pieces – Piano Concerto 23 / Adagio

I am a proud fan of Beethoven and always have preferred his music to Mozart‘s because of its more expressive and passionate tones.  Mozart is more about structure and symmetry.  However, the Piano Concerto 23 / Adagio (second part of the piece) by Mozart makes me feel the edge of my seat.  God!  My heart beats wildly when it plays…


The opening feels like the introduction statement to a tragedy….. The melody is light… then comes the actual tragedy…. the sorrow, the melancholy, the innermost mourning.  In the middle of it all, it changes.  The scene becomes an opera scene or a 1789 ballroom where majesty, greatness, elegance and magnificence evolve.  Afterward, abruptly, it goes back to the mournful cry of a soul, it expresses somberness, sadness, decisiveness and drear.  The melody closes on more sumptuous and brieve themes….. I cry, I think, I live through this air…… I love this tune.

About Mozart’s Piano concerto 23 in A: It was composed in 1786 and is a graceful piece in three movements .  It uses a small orchestra with two flutes, two clarinets in A, two bassoons, and two horns in A, along with the usual string orchestra J. Greeson

The youtube link to it


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