Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

Sorry! I notice you have changed, and you are changing both in good and bad ways.  And your negative alteration affects me.


I understand you are in deep pain- that’s part of growing an adult and that’s also part of living- but I don’t want this to kill the cheerful, enthusiastic, friendly and happy You you used to be.

For the moment, I have to let you go through the grieving phase but I am determined not to let you drown.  I will make you rise from your ashes, I will help you turn your pain into a power.  I want to get the best version of yourself.


I know you are afraid and lost but don’t be! You will see how time heals.  Eventually, your scars will remain but you CAN make them a strength. 

Take it easy Ninie! You’ve won battles already, you CAN and you WILL win this one too!  Come on!

Before and beside you stand your God, your family, your friends and all the other people Jehovah uses to bless you and help you make it.  If they are standing for you and with you, strive, fight and stand for yourself also.  Nobody can be youer than You!

I miss the crazy and fun You.  I miss your being a fighter.  I miss the You who fell in love with your own self and loved yourself.  Rise! Rise! Rise again!


You have all the weapons you need to fight and win. Onward Buddy!

You will survive and you will live again!

Here am I at the end of the line, waiting for the winning You to get back to life!


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