I Feel…

I feel…

Unsheltered– as if I was standing in the rain, having to deal with the cold, the loneliness, the storm with no handy shelter where I can protect myself. Feeling lost, left alone and hopeless. Tears of panic strike and I let go of myself…


Emprisoned in a bottle–  as If I was a mouse stuck into a bottle, staring at the way out but not able to reach it no matter how hard it tries.  Seeing one hundred solutions to my problems, yet unable to make it through them successfully.  Feeling useless, limited and worthless. After too many failed tries, I resign myself to such a fate…


Odd– as if I was a Chicklets tablet in the midst of teeth.  Same shape, same color yet totally different.  I am Myself and the world surrounding me is Itself and we have no jonction, leaving me with the feeling of being inconvenient, set at the wrong place, evolving in the improper area.  I cannot fulfill myself and adhere to their world at the same time.  Yet, I need to achieve the two of them to be happy…


I am a failure– No matter what I do or say or strive for, the bottom line is always the fact that I LOOK like a success but I AM a failure.  I feel like an incomplete assignment, a could-be something, a waste………


Screw me!!!


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