From The Depths of The Abyss

Nightmares…cold sweat…heartbeats’ acceleration…. I am living my pains through my sleep. 

My subconscious intensifies my reality and my sleep becomes unbearable.


I wake up shaken and oh so shocked.  Confusion strikes and I blame myself for not yet being over that phase. 

I am in dire need of some comfort, just a hug- one hug could reassure me but I look around and find nobody- bitter reminder that I am alone.  ALONE!

I seek solace in my pillows as if their warmth could replace any human consolation. Delusion! I fall apart crying then I try to fight the rebel tears pouring out….

Hopeless, I stand up, face my reality and go on…in pieces but alive…


2 thoughts on “From The Depths of The Abyss

  1. cathevilbrun says:

    I wake up everyday feeling the same… Loneliness… It’s the heaviest load a human heart could bear.

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