Grateful Soul

Thank you Jehovah. 

Thank you for this year, thank you for this new start.

Thank you for having wiped my tears and  used precious people to help me go through.  Thank you for having outstandingly provided for my needs.  I grew more mature, stronger, I am born again, thanks to you. Thank you for having helped me to remain faithful and go further. 


Thank you for my biggest gift of this year, unexpected yet a real treasure, a true blessing: a mirror, a twin, a happiness, a joy!

  Thank you for life! Thank you for the gift of friendship!  Thank you for the gift of love!  Thank you for all!  Here am I equipped with all I need and even wish to go on until the end.

There is nothing I can offer you that could be even to all you’ve given me.  Yet, little is better than nothing.  I am offering you the best of myself! You are truly my Father, my Friend and my God!


3 thoughts on “Grateful Soul

  1. 😀 So happy for you Ita. Thanks to Ito, thanks to Jehovah

    • Acemerald says:

      Thanks to you too. You have been an outstanding friend. I would not have made it without your continuing and invaluable support. Love you pintade.

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