Random Observation – Want Vs Need and Acquisition Vs Use & Maintenance

Yesterday, my bitch (or should I say my boyfriend’s bitch) delivered eight puppies and as soon as I got home, I captured the moment and posted it on Facebook. Then, I started to receive tons of requests for a puppy. Some of the requestors are genuine dog lovers and would meticulously care for it but some others-I personally know- dont’ have the will, the resources or the knowledge to properly care for a dog. Yet, they still want to acquire the dog without prior thoughts or plans as to how they will care for it.

That made me think about the many people who let themselves seduce by the temptation of acquiring things with no regard to what they will have to invest to use or maintain them. What’s the point of acquiring a house if you will neither rent it or inhabit it? What’s the point of buying gadgets or other stuffs that you can’t properly maintained? The commercial world continues to evolve and the marketing gurus strive to make sure people continue to be attracted by what they see and at the end, those stupid people just let themselves caught in the trap of acquiring more and more just for the fun of it.

I think I wrote a post last year about this already: https://lostemerald.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/acquisition-requires-use-maintenance/

People, don’t let your eyes wander uselessly and seduce your heart in acquiring mindlessly. Do you NEED it or do you DESIRE it? Will you USE it? Will you CARE FOR it? If you can’t answer these questions, then don’t acquire it.


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