Random Fact about Me

I like to collection things: money bills, wigs, etc…  Recently, I started to collection Snapple juice caps.  Let me tell you how did it begin.

 I was at work and I took my lunch by the pool instead of my office.  That’s why I took the time to really look at the diet lemon iced tea Snapple I was drinking (all details covered – went further than the nutrition facts).  Then, there was a real fact in the bottle cap! !!  My mind went full of questions.  Do I find real facts in all the bottle caps?  Are the real facts ‘real’?  How much can I learn from drinking Snapple juice? 

The first of the collection

The first of the collection

Right after my lunch, I went on and buy a second one to verify my finding.  That’s what I found:

fact 706

Next step was to decide if I could rely on the information I found in the caps.  I made some research online and found they were indeed real facts.  From that time on, I drink Snapple juice unless unavailable.  Because I do not easily find Snapple juice where I eat everyday, my collection is not that big but step by step, it is getting broader. 

I find it fun and beneficial to feed the body and the mind at the same time.  Plus, you can win prizes http://nothing.snapple.com/.  Snapple gives away several things when you are a winner.

snapple collection

A part of my collection of Snapple caps

If ever you want to buy me a juice, think Snapple juice except the Peach (I hate peach).  If you are a Snapple drinker, please save your bottle cap for my collection 🙂

Feed your  body & your mind

Feed your body & your mind

I look forward to continuing my collection and probably passed it on to my daughter/son in the future.


One thought on “Random Fact about Me

  1. UniqueCath says:

    I collect money bills too. I’ll show you my collection one day. 🙂

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