I Love The Person I see In The Mirror

In few hours, I am turning 26 years old young.  You all know I do not celebrate birthdays but I always make sure I blog about my new springs: 23 years old 24 years old  25 years old

This year, my blog is about my affirmation of love to myself.  Balanced love, no crossed borderline but strong and pure love.

I looked in my mirror and fell in love with the person I see, I love ME.  I went through trials and I made it.  I suffered but didn’t lose hope.   I grew up more than ever.  More insight, more maturity, more wisdom, more spirituality.  I am proud of the Me I am today.

I know myself better, I stand up for myself more than ever, I accept failures and am less reluctant about changes.  I have a better leitmotiv, I take better care of myself.

i feel love

Before, people would tell me about myself but this year, I met myself, got to know me and fell for myself.  I am a grounded woman.  I am a strong woman.  I am a human (with my imperfections, limits and flaws) and a hero (with my qualities, my achievements and my dreams).

I have lost and won battles but I have won the fight.  I have found back my essence.  I have gotten the best blessings I have ever had.  I have a better relationship with people and God and myself now.

I feel happy, I feel free, I feel young, I feel restless.  I found myself.  I know who are my true friends, I enjoy life, I LIVE…..

Humm…. I envy no birds for their wings, I do not envy the wind for its freedom.

If I survived this year, If I am still strong after so many trials, I made it and I can go even further.  I look on more time at myself in the mirror and I am proud. I am in love with myself.

I am not afraid to grow up because I know more years will bring me more adventure, more strength and more blessings.

I am in LOVE with MYSELF.



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