From the Depths of My Heart to You…

Thank you for the best gift I received this year.
Thank you for the best gift of love I have ever experimented.
Thank you for bringing bright and shining light to my deep darkness
Thank you for making me believe in love and life and happiness
It’s been almost five months and I am ready for forever
Never  has caramel been so rich and colorful to me
Never has painite been such a dazzling stone to me
Never has love tasted so amazing and wonderful to me
Never have I been so happy, fulfilled, complete in my life
YOU make a HUGE difference in MY life
Tomorrow makes sense to me because of YOU
Thank you for all those little yet priceless things (tears)


You’ve rescued me on the edge of the abyss

You turned my lifeless lyre into a vivid and rhythmic melody

You removed me from my ashes and gave me a throne

You helped me grow out my down when I was plucked

I am thankful for you, such a wunderkind

I am grateful for YOU, Nehito

Thank you and I love you are too weak to convey such deep and strong feelings

But, unfortunately, they are all I have (tears)

I love you and I thank you



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