10 Lessons I Have Learned in 2013

The lessons I have learned throughout these 365 days:

Lesson #1 – Everything is ephemeral.  When happiness is there, I cherish it because I know I could lose it at any time.  When sadness strikes, I endure it with courage because I know it will be over.

Lesson # 2- I should always take into consideration my intuition.  I have learned it the hard way.  I have  a way to perceive things I can’t explain logically but will prove to be right sooner or later.

Lesson # 3- I have to be less naive.  I am an idealistic, spontaneous and friendly person. Therefore, I tend to be naive, trusting people I shall not trust, befriending people I should not have or believing everything is fine or everyone is good.  Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!  I have learned that through tears and pain.  People are more HUMAN than HERO.

Lesson # 4- Matthew 6:34 Each day has enough trouble of its own.  I tend to overworry about things and people.  Keeping it the Hakkunah matata way can help a great deal.  Less hassles, less stress and more joy in the present.  It’s so difficult for me to let go…

Lesson # 5- More initiative = more responsibilities = more rewards.  This, I have learned with my experience at Afro Alice, my natural hair page


Lesson # 6-  In friendship, men stay and remain the best choices.  They are more faithful, less trivial, less dramatic, more upbuilding.  I do have girl friends (because they are the exception to the rule).  You never know how bad a girl friend can be until you have an argument with her or until you get betrayed. #realtalk

Lesson # 7- Trial is not an excuse to become bitter, you can become better too.  In the past, I used to explain some people behavioral troubles or bitterness in what they’ve endured throughout their lives.  I was wrong.  My boss, my mom and myself are exemples of people who endured much and became better.

Lesson # 8- There’s more joy in giving than in receiving.  This is a recurring lesson each year!  The feeling of helping or pleasing someone else, the joy of putting a smile on someone’s face.  Giving is priceless.

Lesson # 9- Jehovah, the Almigthy God, is ALWAYS right.  You may not understand one principle stated in the Bible now, but at the end, you will experience and see that Jehovah is always right.  #myexperiencewithHim.

Lesson # 10- Whatever you can put a price on is valuable but on a little extent.  The free things, the things you can’t appraise, the priceless things are the most valuable and important ones.  #love #oxygen #trust #friendship #God #mother #pet

I grew older, wiser and more than ever, ready to go on and on…



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