Month of September – Cheers to Positivity!!!

I was getting somehow too negative.  I was stopping to stand for myself.  I was giving too much room to darkness into my everyday.  I was missing the happy and colorful butterfly I was.  I wanted my elf self back so I made plans to get it back.

For the month of September, I am choosing to see just the positive things.  I am choosing to see the rainbow through the rain, I am choosing to focus on the half filled glass of water.  

I am living a stressful and busy life but I am no more allowing that to drain my crazy and happy self.

I am grateful for everything: the privilege of living, of knowing God, of being surrounded with true and great people, of having a sense of IAMness.  I am even thankful for my haters and antagonists, I transform their negative vibes into positive energy in motion.  To repeat my dear husband, willingly receive EVERYTHING you are given whether it’s sweet or sour, it will be useful to you ANYWAY ^_^

It is all a mind work.  I started to feel fabulous the very moment I decided my journey would be the one of a caterpillar working to become a butterfly while enjoying each step of the transformation.  

I am wondering if I am still the Lost Emerald, I am becoming more a caterpillar in a mission to transform herself into a dazzling butterfly 🙂 


Life is beautiful, the air is precious, no worries, all happiness.  

Cheers to positivity 🙂 

Ms. Happy Caterpilie ♥


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