To My Envious, Duncy and Hating Cicadas

Dear Lax Cicadas:

When you were having fun, sleeping, joking and enjoying life effortlessly and restlessly, I was busy working hard, studying, striving, working toward my goals and chasing my dream. When you are chasing dollars of mediocrity to SAVE A LIVING, I am using my passion, my talent and my knowledge to LIVE.

Don’t put the blame of your meagerness on my accomplishments and laboriousness. Stop blaming my sharpness and my uprightness. Wherever you see greener grass, bear in mind the water bill is higher. My success doesn’t come in overnight shipments. I sweat and strive!!!


When was the last time you read a book?  Or, when was the last time you invest some quality time in becoming a quality person?  When was the last time you removed your mask?  When was the last time you got busy getting and pursuing a dream?!

Use your energy to develop yourself instead of trying to break someone you wish you could be. Spare me your toxic presence and words.  Bury your cowardness and dare be YOU. Challenge the darkness lying in you.  Your bitter venom is not going to stop me from being ME.  Stop letting your tongue blur your brain.

While you are hating, I am going forward….


Yours truly,
Resilient & Ingenious Ant.


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