January 12, 2010- What I learned from it

January 12, 2010 – January 12, 2016


6 years since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti… since thirty five (35) seconds took away so many lives…so many memories…. so sad feelings….. Here is what I learned from the 2010 Earthquake.

1- Material things are important but not as important as we consider them to be.  Think about the people who lost their cars, their homes and everything they possess in THIRTY FIVE (35) seconds. Some of them spent a lifetime acquiring houses, cars, money and more, they even sacrifice their time, their youth in building their material legacy and within thirty five seconds, either they lost all of it or they lost their own life!   I learned to invest more in things that people or situations cannot take away from me: my knowledge, my qualities, my love of life, my relationship with God.  I also invest more in experience and adventure than in tangible acquisitions.  Possessions are SOMETHING but definitely not THE THING.

2- Life is uncertain and unpredictable, only God is a steady rock.  NOTHING & NOBODY could save the victims. No bank account, no marital or social status, no intelligence could spare their lives.  With God, there is a NOW and a TOMORROW.  If you lose the NOW, there is still hope of the TOMORROW. Without Him, the NOW is all you have.  That’s why I strive even more to draw closer to Jehovah, the Source of Life.  If I ever lose my life, I know he will resurrect me.


3- Don’t be full of yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously.  As humans, we are frail and life is like a mist.  A humble personality is ideal to a better life.

4- There is nothing as important as our TIME! It’s important because we cannot do anything without it and it is short! Therefore, we ought to use it wisely.  Don’t we lose time worrying about the trivial matters and maintaining the toxic and useless relationships.  Prioritize everything and everyone in your life.

5- Humanity has no race, no social ranking, no skin color, no gender.  We are all humans and in the face of adversity, all we are and all we can be is HUMAN.  We should let our humanity unite us all the time- not just through adversity.

As I go on, my thoughts are with those who lost a dear one six years ago. May Jehovah help you continue to endure your loss(es).  Let’s live up to the time there will be no more death.


* In memoriam: Mike Soliman, Tara Boursiquot, Dave Phillipeau, Leensay, Ermanita, Jacques,  Michelle Joinville, Bernard Phillipe, Schemaya Mares, and all my Haitian brothers and sisters who lost their lives on 01-12-2010


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