Mon poême du jour – Paroles de Victor Hugo

Je partage avec vous mon poême du jour, c’est l’une des rares pages imprimées que je garde toujours au bureau.  Ces lignes m’aident toujours à retrouver le courage de lutter malgré tant de vents et de marées sans envier la vie facile et sans gêne qu’offre l’oisivité.  Appréciez ces paroles.

Ceux qui vivent, ce sont ceux qui luttent

Ceux qui vivent, ce sont ceux qui luttent ; ce sont
Ceux dont un dessein ferme emplit l’âme et le front.
Ceux qui d’un haut destin gravissent l’âpre cime.
Ceux qui marchent pensifs, épris d’un but sublime.
Ayant devant les yeux sans cesse, nuit et jour,
Ou quelque saint labeur ou quelque grand amour.
C’est le prophète saint prosterné devant l’arche,
C’est le travailleur, pâtre, ouvrier, patriarche.
Ceux dont le coeur est bon, ceux dont les jours sont pleins.
Ceux-là vivent, Seigneur ! les autres, je les plains.
Car de son vague ennui le néant les enivre,
Car le plus lourd fardeau, c’est d’exister sans vivre.
Inutiles, épars, ils traînent ici-bas
Le sombre accablement d’être en ne pensant pas.
Ils s’appellent vulgus, plebs, la tourbe, la foule.
Ils sont ce qui murmure, applaudit, siffle, coule,
Bat des mains, foule aux pieds, bâille, dit oui, dit non,
N’a jamais de figure et n’a jamais de nom ;
Troupeau qui va, revient, juge, absout, délibère,
Détruit, prêt à Marat comme prêt à Tibère,
Foule triste, joyeuse, habits dorés, bras nus,
Pêle-mêle, et poussée aux gouffres inconnus.
Ils sont les passants froids sans but, sans noeud, sans âge ;
Le bas du genre humain qui s’écroule en nuage ;
Ceux qu’on ne connaît pas, ceux qu’on ne compte pas,
Ceux qui perdent les mots, les volontés, les pas.
L’ombre obscure autour d’eux se prolonge et recule ;
Ils n’ont du plein midi qu’un lointain crépuscule,
Car, jetant au hasard les cris, les voix, le bruit,
Ils errent près du bord sinistre de la nuit.
Quoi ! ne point aimer ! suivre une morne carrière
Sans un songe en avant, sans un deuil en arrière,
Quoi ! marcher devant soi sans savoir où l’on va,
Rire de Jupiter sans croire à Jéhova,
Regarder sans respect l’astre, la fleur, la femme,
Toujours vouloir le corps, ne jamais chercher l’âme,
Pour de vains résultats faire de vains efforts,
N’attendre rien d’en haut ! ciel ! oublier les morts !
Oh non, je ne suis point de ceux-là ! grands, prospères,
Fiers, puissants, ou cachés dans d’immondes repaires,
Je les fuis, et je crains leurs sentiers détestés ;
Et j’aimerais mieux être, ô fourmis des cités,
Tourbe, foule, hommes faux, coeurs morts, races déchues,
Un arbre dans les bois qu’une âme en vos cohues !

Quel poême ou texte vous inspire?


Thoughts After my Tour in Les Cayes with Afro Alice

I am the founder and CEO of Afro Alice, a multipurpose natural hair center for the celebration and the promotion of natural hair for the Haitian community.  One part of our work is to reach out to women in the countrysides through media, through workshops and field pilot events. Our first educational tour was in Les Cayes from October 17 through October 19.

The experience was very rewarding.  The women who attended were longing for natural hair care and style solutions and were very satisfied and happy with our services and the initiative .  The media representatives there were very helpful and cooperative.  It went so well that we are planning to go back there at the end of the countrywide tour.

Part of our Afro Alice Team

Part of our Afro Alice Team

Here is what I learned:

1- The best gift someone can receive put aside life is knowledge.  I witnes how knowledge improves and empowers people, how knowledge brightens their eyes and makes them happy.  Knowledge gives a sense to their lives.  I met with women that were using Fab laundry detergents and Fabuloso all-purpose household cleaner on their hair to clean it and make it smell good; others that ate Haitian Barbecue, patties and Coca Cola everyday instead of fruits, veggies and water- not because they do not have the financial capability to eat healthy- because they don’t know how to have a proper diet and how their diet affects their body along with their hair.  The last customer we met was a 14-year old girl who was obviously sad because her hair was evidently damaged with rotten ends and you could feel she was not comfortable with herself because she was conscious that something was going wrong with her hair but she didn’t know how to take care of it.  When she left, she was a new person, a happy and relieved young girl with her revived beauty and all excited to practice what she has just learned on how to take care of herself.


No monetary reward would make me feel so satisfied, accomplished, proud and fulfilled than to catch the tint of relief in the women eyes because they know now or they know better… to hear them say a heartfelt and warming thank you because they have learned something new that will ameliorate their life.  It feels so great to make the difference in people’s life.

We left Les Cayes with a bunch of women empowered with knowldege: on how to love themselves, on how to accept themselves and their gifts, how to take care of their body, on how to improve the quality of their life.

2- It doesn’t take age or nationality or race or social ranking or anything than our mind to make a difference in our OWN life and in others’.  When you have a can-do attitude, when you resourcefulness to your creativity, you can turn your passion into millions.

At Port-Salut. I met with Mamina, she is a 10-year old natural hair entrepreneur who crafts artisanal accessories and sells them at the beach on her spare time after studying. I was attracted by her resourcefulness, honesty and brightness.  She is the youngest child of the family, attends schools, takes care of certain household chores, yet she takes the time to work on her passion and diligently sell her creations.

Mamina, 14-year old entrepreneur

Mamina, 14-year old entrepreneur

Mamina Creations, Port Salut, Cayes

Mamina Creations, Port Salut, Cayes

I truly enjoyed my journey to Les Cayes. And our next destination shall be Cap Haitian before the end of this year.  Stay tune via our Afro Alice Instagram, our Afro Alice Twitter and our Afro Alice Website.



My Story with “Tribute” by Yanni: Homage to Janice ♥

Tribute is the fifth track on the album with the same name composed by Yanni, a famous greek composer and pianist in 1997.  The album was written to honor the builders of Taj(an Indian Mausoleum), the Forbidden City (a Chinese Imperial palace) and the people of India and China.

But, my story with this amazing piece is different: it pays tribute to one woman who made a big difference in my childhood and teenage.

Whenever I listen to Tribute, it brings me back to mygraduation day and all of the amazing memories I had during my high school years.  Whenever I think about my high school years, I remember  my teachers, myself at that time and my unique school principal: Janice Regis.  That woman saved me from the highest cliff of my life and I am eternally grateful to her for that.  In the very moment I needed an anchor, she gave me what a terribly hurt and lost girl needed to start smiling again.

When my parents got separated, almost two decades ago, I was disappointed, hurt, I felt abandoned and worthless, I was mad with the world and I wanted to make my parents feel what I felt.  I intended to be a real pain in their life.  I had nothing to lose as I thought I had already lost everything I had.  I felt like I was in a dark tunnel with no outcome. My mom registered me at several schools and I got accepted at all of them. I could have gone to A or B or C but I was blessed enough to go to her school: Institution La Source.  From the day I  met her to the last time I visited her, she has always empowered me with her teachings, her advice, her hugs, her actions and her personality.  She has never missed an opportunity to tell me or show me how valuable I am.  She believes in me.  I love the fact that she didn’t favor me- she punished me when I deserved it, she grounded me when I needed to be reprimanded but she did it all WITH love and BECAUSE she loved me. A tap on my shoulders to encourage me, a warm hug to welcome me, a huge smile to brighten my days…

Her job was to educate me but she did  more than that: she believed in my ability to fly, she trained me in using my wings and she made me fly.  She doesn’t just teach you what you should do, her actions were more eloquent than ANY word she spoke.  She is an example of woman: strong, devout, courageous, respectable and respectful, humble, smart, loving – a hero and a human!  I wouldn’t be who I am today without her contribution and I am grateful for her.

In my heart and mind, Tribute is to pay homage to this stellar, unique, incredible, awesome and extraordinary woman: Janice Regis.

Semper Fidelis

From the Depths of My Heart to You…

Thank you for the best gift I received this year.
Thank you for the best gift of love I have ever experimented.
Thank you for bringing bright and shining light to my deep darkness
Thank you for making me believe in love and life and happiness
It’s been almost five months and I am ready for forever
Never  has caramel been so rich and colorful to me
Never has painite been such a dazzling stone to me
Never has love tasted so amazing and wonderful to me
Never have I been so happy, fulfilled, complete in my life
YOU make a HUGE difference in MY life
Tomorrow makes sense to me because of YOU
Thank you for all those little yet priceless things (tears)


You’ve rescued me on the edge of the abyss

You turned my lifeless lyre into a vivid and rhythmic melody

You removed me from my ashes and gave me a throne

You helped me grow out my down when I was plucked

I am thankful for you, such a wunderkind

I am grateful for YOU, Nehito

Thank you and I love you are too weak to convey such deep and strong feelings

But, unfortunately, they are all I have (tears)

I love you and I thank you


From NCSI to Prison Break, Four Actors With Killing Eyes….

-Four Series Characters With Extremely Cute Eyes-

#4- Anthony Dinozzo, from NCSI: flirty, funny and crazy, friendly character.  His smile enhances his cute eyes.

#4- Anthony Dinozzo   

# 3- Michael Scofield, from Prison Break: Focused, determined, serious and so attaching character.  His eyes have a special glow when he is thinking.

# 3- Michael Scofield

# 2- Neal Caffrey, from White Collar: Smart, vivid, daring and attaching character.  Adding to his being stylish, he has such eyes!

#2- Neal Caffrey#1- Damon Salvatore, from VDiary: Fierce, bold, sarcastic but very sensitive. His sharp eyes are real wonders.#1- Damon Salvatore

Just wanted to share some awesome beauties with you.