How My Hair Changed My Life…

Almost six years ago, I changed my hair out of boredom- I had experimented many haircuts, colors and looks already- I first got the Surf Up cut, the military cut then cut all of it.  At the time, I was not thinking about returning natural. I was having versatility fun…..

As my hair started to grow again, I started to wonder what I would do with it: cut it again? Keep it “kinky” or texturize it to make a change? I have always liked Tanya Saint Val and Orlane’s curly hair then figured out the texturizer was what I needed to get “the look” I applied the creamy crack and started to make research about “curly hair maintenance”, this lead me to books and videos and articles about natural hair (curly, kinky and coily).

What I discovered about natural hair was GOLD to me! I didnt know my hair liked water, I didnt know I could define its texture, keep it beautiful without chemical transformations. I was in awe!!!!!! I had to experience that myself so I re-big chopped in July 2010 and that was it!

fifth month style

People started to question my choice to remain natural as soon as my hair grew past three inches. From my household to my workplace, people made fun of me: I was named “Tèt tchong tchong” “Anba bra moun fou” “Sentaniz” “Sè Pwotestan” “tèt boude”. Natural hair was neither appropriate, nor dressy, nor professional, nor elegant.  The more the mockeries and sarcasms about my hair, the more I was determined to both keep my hair natural and prove them wrong.

As my natural hair journey went on, I would spend hours reading blogs and watching vlogs. I’d personally contact some authors/hair gurus/ trichologists to ask questions and explanations on controversial hair matters. Meanwhile, I’d post pictures of my haircare, hairstyles and new findings every single day on my social networks. My hair was grateful to me. It grew beautiful, long and shiny and soon, the people who used to make fun of me started  to compliment me and ask me help them do the same!

By December 2011, I had so many people asking for my help on how to go back natural, take care and style their newly natural hair that I was thinking of creating a Facebook page where I could share the information at once for everybody. What would I call the page? How long would I keep it for? Would it really help my friends and relatives?

On January 1st, 2012, I eventually created Afro Alice : 1) Afro from Africa and Alice from Celtic meaning Noble to honor our noble Heritage from Africa 2) I had an Afro and Alice is my alias. The publications were first made in English only to cater to my close environment needs then were changed to Haitian Creole when the public grew larger six months after. There was more coming…..

Throughout all my personal natural hair journey,  I never had downs or doubts or self confidence issues – I was in an adventure and everyday was different and unique. Yet, to help people, I had to understand them better. Their feelings, realities and views were different than mine. I continued to dig even deeper in my research and really connected to my public to better tailor my writing to their needs. My followers were like babies of mine depending on my expertise, example and guidance to make it through this new and fearful journey they were starting. I never knew hair was related to so many aspects of our lives: our health, our finance, our beauty, our culture! Afro Alice was becoming more than a “just for fun” initiative. …..


I have always been good at styling hair and I have always been good at empowering people. I loved hair and I loved people.  Afro Alice was my opportunity to make a difference in my own humble ways.  Along with the invaluable and continuing help of friends, advisors and supporters, Afro Alice became formally the Premier natural hair center in Haiti but my work was more virtual and I needed to connect more with the people.

In 2015, after two years of styling and caring for people’s hair at my place, I decided to open a salon for people with natural hair to better educate them and assist them.  I also organized gatherings, tours, workshops, forums and groups to empower more people and it worked well.  I organized and participated in exchange programs to foster an environment of sisterhood and collaboration for the community. People from around the globe contact us to express their appreciation and their gratefulness. The natural hair movement has never reached such a momentum before and I am proud of my contribution to that.

Today, four years later, Afro Alice helps and empowers people through the social media, the educational tours and events, the beauty salon and the blog. Looking back, Afro Alice is worth my sleepless nights, my tears of frustration and all I went through to help my people. Some days, I even felt like giving it all up! But, hey! Here I am! Putting my little bricks to build the Castle.

Can you imagine how joy fills my heart when the eyes of a little girl brighten after I boosted her self esteem! Can you imagine how fulfilled I feel when I realize how my words changed another woman’s life!  My heart bumps when I empower my people!

The respect, the appreciation and the love I get from my people, I earned it with my sweat, my tears and my vision of altruism and love. With Afro Alice, I made connections, discovered lands, improved myself and accomplished things I didnt know I could. I still have a long way to go but I am happy with where I am now with Afro Alice.

I wish you could see my tears and smile of accomplishment and fulfillment as I am concluding.

I never thought my own hair would change my life in such an awesome way.

Happy Anniversary to Afro Alice!!!



Weight Loss Journey Doesn’t End Natural Hair Journey- Update On My Hair

From January 9 through April 8, I am into a PROTECT YOUR ENDS/HAIR NOW SHOW challenge.  Below you will find the protective looks I have worked so far:

Protective Style # 1-  I didn’t have enough time the first week to go and sew in weave or put braids in my hair so I rock the bun with the Bob Marley Hair add-on for the whole week.  (If you want more information on how to rock this style, let me know by commenting below).

#1- Bun with Marley Braid Added

Protective Style #2- The Jerry Curl Sew In Weave with Superstar Curly Hair.  I spent two weeks and half with this style.  For the first week, I kept it to 10″ then after I cut it.  I really like the two-tone effect.

#2- Jerry Curl Sew In Weave with Superstar Jerry Curl Hair                                              

Back to Marley Braid Faux Bun

 Protective Style # 5- Outre Soft Baby Curl Premium Human Hair Wet and Wavy Weave.  I put this hair last Saturday and I love the fact that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance( I barely detangle it :>) just water and it waves. Not only is it not good for people to keep hair under weave for more than six weeks but myself I am too versatile in my style to keep a hair for more than one month(the biggest time I have ever left a hair in my hair for-oh I once left a weave for two months!).  I am going to keep it until March 3 then my next one will be braids.

Protective Style # 5- Outre Baby Soft Premium Hair Weave – The wet look
The dry look

So far, so good…


Natural Hair Journey Update- Fifteenth Month

Fifteen month anniversary- the journey is getting more and more interesting.

My signature hairstyle changed from Afro puff to twistout puffs and frohawks. I twist my hair on Friday or Saturday night and twist it out and I keep the twist out look for the whole week.  With this new signature style, I keep my hair in low maintenance. No more cowashing every three to four days.  I just deep condition my hair every weekend, twist the hair, twist it out, seal the hair with oil and condition it with water but no more almost-full-time care for my hair. Youpiiiiiiiii! Less hair time, more me time!

I wanted to start a six-month hair-no-show challenge but I realize I can’t make it.  I like  to change my hairstyle too much to keep my hair in braids or twists or extension for more than two weeks. The last time I tried, I spent only nine days with my single braids.  I am definitely abandoning this challenge. 

I now have fuller, stronger and healthier hair thanks to the hair vitamins I am taking (I will later review the specific one I am taking) and I am loving it.  The good news is that the hair vitamins improves also my skin and my nails’ appearance. I will definitely keep on taking them.

Before, I would buy hair accessories and forget about them but now I do not hesitate to accessorize my hair and it looks wonderful (see pictures in bottom-of-page  link).

I am becoming a natural hair reference specially for the women in my surroundings.  Many of them changed their minds about natural hair. I am the exemple who makes them believe natural hair can be worn with class and brio.  From this journey, I have learned that no matter how they may prejudge your choice, stick to it and do it with brio. Some people will change their mind, some others will follow you.  If only I didn’t stick to my choice to keep my hair natural, If only I took in consideration people’s opinions about hair when left without perm: kinky, nappy, difficult-to-manage, unstylish, I would not be such a natural afro queen today. I went for it, I stick to it and I made it!


Twist out frohawk with Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz

Yesterday was the signature afro puff hairstyle day.  As I wanted to have a twist out today, here is how I achieved it.

A- What  I used:

– Water (with coconut oil, grape seed oil)  – Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz   – Wide tooth comb  -Hair clip   – tea tree oil – volumizing comb   – two purple hair clips

B- Steps: 

1- I sectioned my hair in four parts.

2- I sprayed each section with water mixed with coconut oil and grape seed oil and detangle them with my fingers then with a wide tooth comb

3- I sectioned, sprayed the KCSS in each part and twisted it.

It took me around 30-45 minutes to twist all of my hair.

4- I put on my satin cap and went to sleep.  In the morning, I twisted out the hair with tea tree oil.

5- I twisted out my hair with tea tree oil, volumized and pinned up the sides with hair clips to achieve the fro hawk.


Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz is a good styling serum but also a good curl definer.  Adding to that, it moisturized my hair.  Tea tree oil makes wonders in my roots and seals my hair.  I am really enjoying my twist out fro hawk today.

Some hair talk!!!

Wednesday was my thirteenth month anniversary as a naturalista. The puff is getting bigger and the hair is growing stronger. Yaay! I am having more and more hair to try styles. 

As a gift to myself, I ordered the Kinky curly products (Come clean shampoo, Knot today conditioner, the curling custard and the spritz).  I had the package picked up at DHL and I was very excited about using it.  I do not regret at all I ordered them.  I will write a separate review about them later but so far, I can say the curling custard is wonderful. Wawww!

The first day, I was late then I didn’t have the time to wash, condition the hair and style it with the gel. I was too excited to wait for the next day or the weekend to try it.  I just wet my hair and tried the curling custard.  I was stunning. I appreciate the compliments I received. Thank you KCC

The second day, I didn’t even have to use the spritz to enhance my curls. My hair was ultra soft, moisturized, shiny and curly.  KCC is an excellent styling product.  The only thing I am worried about when you using the curling custard is the flakes.  Is it because I used it on hair washed since three days or because I used too much of it? I will advise later after using it exactly as per the directions given on their website.  As of now, KCC is my favorite gel (Olive oil fantasia gel is number two).

I saw that hairdo online (I forget her name) and I wanted to try it today. I do not have as much hair as she does yet but I did it. 

Last news about my hair- I will be ordering Hair Formula 37 vitamins or /and Fast Grown ethnic hair growth enhancer pills. I read the reviews about them, they make wonders with people’s skin, nails and hair.  I want to give them a try.  I will keep you posted about the outcome.


Your deep conditioning products are in your kitchen

Some natural products we find in our kitchen make wonders in our hair. 

An example.  I deep condition my hair weekly particularly each Saturday and instead of using my olive oil supplies, I decided to use natural products I would find in the kitchen: mayonnaise, honey, white vinegar and  glycerin oil.

 Below is the mixture I obtained (no risk, it was smelling good- I actually discovered that vinegar lessen the mayonnaise’s heavy odor, what a relief)

I sectioned my hair, applied  the mixture from the roots to the ends without forgetting the body, put a plastic cap on, left it for fifteen minutes. Then, I washed my hair with LBEL shampoo and conditioner. Last step, some coconut oil to make my hair shine.

Here are the results:



                                                                                                                                             Conclusion: With your kitchen supplies, you can do wonders.