Difference Between Boyfriend/Girlfriend & Fiance(e)

Quite often, in my surroundings, I find people referring to others’ boyfriend/girlfriend as fiance(e) and it is improper from my perspective. When it comes to the usage of words, I am picky. A cat is not a kitten. In french, being “jolie” is not being “belle”. They may be grouped as synonyms or may be very close in meaning but there is always a nuance and that’s where the whole subtlety lies. Going back to my initial topic….a boyfriend/girlfriend is NOT a fiance(e)!


A boyfriend/girlfriend is someone you are dating, someone you are getting to know with the eventual intention of marrying him/her, someone you have an officious relationship with. In the run, you may end up breaking up or tying the knot with him/her. A boyfriendship/girlfriendship – as I call it-is more of a trial period for the two people involved.

A fiance(e) is someone you are committed to marry, to spend your forever with soon, you are engaged too.  A fianceeship-my invention again- is a confirmed relationship.  It is just a  question of time  before the two people involved become legally tied.

Although from a legal perspective, there is not a difference between a bf/gf and a fiancee (at least in my country), from an emotional/social standpoint, they are different.

People misuse these titles to give an official and respectable status to a relationship but it doesn’t work like that. If two people are not making concrete plans for marriage, have not chosen a wedding date, have not proposed or bought a ring (when applicable) then they’re definitely not fiances. The liberal use of the “fiance” term questions the value of the “girlfriend” one. Adding to that, it derives the true nature of a boyfriendship/girlfriendship.

In short, there is a difference between a girlfriend/boyfriend and a fiance(e). Bear it in mind and act accordingly.


New York Prohibits Smoking in Public Parks and Beaches….

The lower summer New Yorkers smoke, and that, thereafter, shall be prohibited smoking in outdoor public places such as beaches and parks. This new law is part of the anti snuff cross the New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, began in 2002, and will continue to bear fruit when the text, approved Wednesday, is enacted in a few months. Lighting up in Central Park, Times Square or any of the 1,700 parks and 22.5 miles of beaches in the Big Apple will be impossible after the City Council has approved (by 36 votes in favor and 12 against) that the ban on smoking in workplaces, bars and restaurants are also extended to outdoor spaces.

“New Yorkers who enjoy the fresh air of the parks and beaches in the city can breathe cleaner air and not have to sit in an arena filled with cigarette butts.” Bloomberg, unrepentant smoker, has said in a statement that this law “will protect New Yorkers from the effects that has on passive smoking snuff,” namely, “children with asthma.”

According to the mayor, the figures speak for themselves. In nine years, has reduced the number of smokers by 350,000 people and New Yorkers living 19 months in 2002. Although these restrictions have contributed to fewer smoking dependence, high prices of the packs, whose taxes make snuff smoking in New York is a luxury, have also managed to remove many people from this vice. Not everyone can afford to pay about $ 12 per package.

Furthermore, social rejection is palpable smoke in the air New Yorkers and because of that, the authorities claim that the newly approved standard is supported by a “program of punishment.” As recorded by the Huffington Post, a major supporter of this ban and council member Gale Brewer, advocate for the work of citizens and confident that they are the ones that give a warning to those who lit a cigarette. “Police will not be solely responsible for compliance,” the lawmaker said. Those who does not comply the provision would be committing a misdemeanor, penalty level comparable to urinating in public, and would be a fine that is less than $ 100.http://www.coffetoday.com/new-york-prohibits-smoking-in-public-parks-and-beaches/9010767/

Finally, New York is coming up with that law! It was time for people to stop endangering others’ life while they are destroying theirs.  Because, we all know that smoking kills. A smoker is free to do whatever he wants with his life but he cannot be enough selfish to dispose of other people’s life too.  It used to be so inconvenient to me to endure a smoker in a public area whenever I would visit New York. With that new law, all the nuisance will stop and if ever it happened, I will still be all right because I know that this will be considered as a misdemeanor (worth a fine!!!)


My point of view about Christmas……

It is said that Christmas is about sharing, loving, celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth, gathering with friends and family. Yet, there are several question marks about this celebration.  Every single thing about Christmas is questionable but I want to talk about the darkest side of it: Christmas is all about lies …

First lie about Christmas, the date December 25! Where in the Bible or any truthful reference have we found that Jesus Christ has been born on a December 25???!!!!!! Some people will say, well it’s tradition!!! But what should I follow tradition related to a lie? specially when talking about Jesus Christ’s matters? Some others will say as we don’t have a date, we chose a date to celebrate his birthday! Did Jesus ask us to do that?!! Specially using a lie????!!!! The Bible, God’s word relates lies to the Evil. And we know Christ has no association with the Evil. Why should we then celebrate a lie on his honor????

Second lie about Christmas, Santa Claus bringing gifts- Parents  initiate their children to lies when they tell them that Saint Nicholas sent them gifts that in fact, they bought to the children themselves. Celebration based on lies!!!!!! How can I ask a child not to lie when i lie to him/her myself?

I believe in transparency, honesty and truthfulness and because of that, I don’t believe and I don’t celebrate Christmas.

You may get me wrong, or find my point stupid or you may come up with tradition as an excuse to go to those parties they invited you or to share gifts or to celebrate but we all know Christmas is wrong from Jesus’ point of view…….

Remember Jesus’ point of view of people who rank traditions over true relationship with him: “This people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far removed from me. It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach as doctrines commands of men.’  Letting go the commandment of God, YOU hold fast the tradition of men.” Mark 7:6 to 8

Why I don’t vote

Sunday November 28, Haitian people will show the world what alternative is best to them, they will express their preference as to who should become their leader. They will go and vote for their next president (senators and deputies also). So many candidates are running to become president: Michel Martelly, Christalin, Mirlande Manigat, Henry Ceant, Jude Celestin, Lesly Voltaire and so on…..

I am an Haitian citizen, I love my country and feel concerned about everything that happens to it. I mind about his changes and his future but I will not vote for a president… Not only this time! Never did I and never will I!

Voting is the way to express your preference for a candidate, a view, an alternative, etc…

What should I vote when I have no preference for a candidate. Personnally, none of them meets my requirements. I don’t know if they are really honest, I don’t know if they will be fair, I don’t know if they really will keep their promises. Vote brings luck or unluck! I am not sure anyone of them can really achieve what they say they will.  Can they change Haiti? Can school and health care become free? Can they rebuild the country? Can they make each single haitian satisfied and happy? Can they get over cholera outbreak? Can they stop kidnapping and carjacking and insecurity? Can they stop death? All that in five years??????? I’m idealist some way but I am not deluded!

The only one I know  I can vote for real and definitive cures to all Haitian people’s problems from poverty, insecurity, sickness to death is God! I know I can trust Him, totally trust Him and He has the power to do all those things. My sole vote is dedicated to Him.

I am a Christian and Christians are Jesus Christ’s followers. And Jesus’s position toward the world affairs are well defined in John 17:14-“…Because they are no part of the world just as I am no part of the world.” Politics and governments are part of the world. Why would I get involved into it? I am politically neutral.

We pray everyday for God’s kingdom to come upon earth. The famous “Our father” prayer becomes a non-sense if I am voting for other kingdoms. I know what I want.

I neither discourage nor encourage other people to adopt my view. The decision to vote or not is totally personal. Nobody should judge others based on that. As to me, no president is worth my vote.

Because of my personal and religious views, I don’t vote in political affairs.