Travel Day Two

I woke up with a lot of frustration. Why did I have to leave my comfy bed just now? asked my sleepy mind.  YOU HAVE ANOTHER FLIGHT TO TAKE AND YOU’RE LATE popped up right after on my mind! I jumped out of bed, got ready…..BINGO PROBLEM…. All my family members were going to the Kingdom hall and there was nobody to drop me at the airport.  I’d have to take a taxi to the airport. WHAT?! I was not happy about that new experience but there was nothing I could do if I wanted to get into that plane right on time.  I called the taxi and took my luggages to the lobby.  OHOH! NO WAY! I forgot my cellphone upstairs and my aunt actually had the time to leave with the keys.  Leave it or not?  I decided not after giving that some thought!  I had pictures to take( I didn’t bring any camera with me) and of cours, I would have to use the Internet after training hours.  Ok, I didn’t want to leave it but I was already late and trying to go where my aunt was, getting the keys and coming back would take me so long that I would probably miss that flight! !!!!! Adrenalineeeeeeee was filling my body! I decided I would do that no matter what happened.  I did all that and arrived just on time to catch the flight. 

In the airplane, I spent the one hour-duration of the flight sleeping though I had a very talkative partner.  She seemed to have great plans for Haiti reconstruction but I doubt her sincerity because she had a fixed set of mind as to what could change the Haitian situation…..

A colleague of mine came to pickup me at the airport.  Cheerful thanks to him! We visited Georgetown University, went to have a snack at Barners and Bros in Bowie Center then went to Baltimore.  I spent a great day with his wonderful family. 

End of Day Two.


Travel Day One

Saturday, March 19, 2011.  My journey begun.  I had to travel to Washington DC area via New York where I would stay overnight. I took the airplane from Port au Prince to JFK. First stage of my travel.

At the airport in Port-au-Prince, I saw a man in a bedroom suit(underwears showing, socks and sandals on), he was acting like he was a star: making a lot of noises and gestures to draw the maximum attention he could to him at the American Airline Screening Post. Wow! Those problematic and pathetic people!  I met friends of mine working for AA who accelerate and facilitate my book-in procedures and this made me think again that in Haiti, you cannot have anything done if you do not have the proper points of contact. 

I started to sleeep as soon as I got in the flight-I went out the last night and got back very late.  I just woke up to fill out the Immigration and Customs forms and drink the orange juice I asked for (the food was trash). Whether you travel in First Class or Economic Class, American Airlines cooks are always disgusting.  Only the cashews and nuts(First Class goodies), the juices and the alcohol drinks given are of great quality.  Enough about AA  food services! I met a man on the airplane who left Haiti since 1987 and came back to attend his mother’s funerals.  How can someone leaves his homecountry for so long without going back??!! I guess how homesick he could be at times! I can leave the country but I wouldn’t have the courage not to visit it as often as my situation allows it  to me!

I arrived at John F. Kennedy International airport earlier than expected. I spent two hours waiting on the line to consult a DHS officer(the line was long because of the few DHS officers available to help and the three Jamaican flights that arrived at the same time).  I easily found my bags and left the aiport around 8: something.  My older aunt, my uncle in law, my cousin and a close friend came to meet & greet me.  How sweeet!! I felt spoiled!

When I arrive at my aunt’s house, I was starving (ate slight breakfast and didn’t eat in the airplane). My aunt rushed to make a tuna sandwich to me because my cousin was waiting for me to leave.  I was super tired! I misse my night of sleep the last night and Id be losing that one again.  Well, we had a common friend in town for a short period and I would not miss that . So we took a cab around 10:00 pm and got to her dad’s apartment.  I met a lot of new people and had enough fun although I was falling asleep.  At 12:30 am, when we wanted to leave, we could not find a cab.  We finally found one around 2:00 am. I went right to my bed………………

First day adventure completed.