Month of September – Cheers to Positivity!!!

I was getting somehow too negative.  I was stopping to stand for myself.  I was giving too much room to darkness into my everyday.  I was missing the happy and colorful butterfly I was.  I wanted my elf self back so I made plans to get it back.

For the month of September, I am choosing to see just the positive things.  I am choosing to see the rainbow through the rain, I am choosing to focus on the half filled glass of water.  

I am living a stressful and busy life but I am no more allowing that to drain my crazy and happy self.

I am grateful for everything: the privilege of living, of knowing God, of being surrounded with true and great people, of having a sense of IAMness.  I am even thankful for my haters and antagonists, I transform their negative vibes into positive energy in motion.  To repeat my dear husband, willingly receive EVERYTHING you are given whether it’s sweet or sour, it will be useful to you ANYWAY ^_^

It is all a mind work.  I started to feel fabulous the very moment I decided my journey would be the one of a caterpillar working to become a butterfly while enjoying each step of the transformation.  

I am wondering if I am still the Lost Emerald, I am becoming more a caterpillar in a mission to transform herself into a dazzling butterfly 🙂 


Life is beautiful, the air is precious, no worries, all happiness.  

Cheers to positivity 🙂 

Ms. Happy Caterpilie ♥


Are you in?

Afro Alice



WHAT IT IS: a challenge to encourage you to protect your ends and retain length specially by not letting your hair out.  You wear protective styles during the period.

DURATION: 6 weeks from September 21, 2012 through November 2, 2012

STYLES: Protective styles include buns, updo w/o hair out, braids of all sorts, extensions, and pinned twists / flat twists

RULES: You post a picture of your hair during the challenge each week and tell us about your hair regimen. Hair should be properly cared for and maintained during the challenge.

For more information, please visit our Facebook page Afro Alice or write us at


Test – Protection des cheveux grace aux coiffures protectrices

Du 21 Septembre au 2 Novembre 2012

Définition : un test pour vous encourager à protéger vos cheveux, à moins les manipuler et à…

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He would be 2 years old today if he were still alive 😦

Log of a Lost Emerald


My treasured, cherished, loved, appreciated, admired ….oh so dear companion died.  He has escaped the house without anybody noticing that and has been hit by a car.  Hours later, before the vet could make any intervention, after bleeding, he passed away.

I do not find words yet to describe how it feels to lose a dog….  He was a member of  the family, a friend, a part of the whole….. I still cannot believe there will be no furry friend warmly welcoming me home when I go back to my country….. my treasure is really gone…..As I am writing about what happened, I remember his face and corpse as seen in the pictures they sent me of the accident, the death and the burial. It feels as bad as losing a beloved  human being.  I cannot stop my tears, I cannot stop the pain I am feeling deep within…

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Be Nice as Often as You Can

I should have been sleeping long ago because I’m going to work tomorrow morning. But I had to stay up to chat with some of my friends facing troublesome situations in their family and relationship.

I am tired but happy. Happy not because I solved their problem but because I helped them carry their burden.

Life is so full with problems. We all have something going wrong which trouble us a lot. We all bend under heavy loads, we all groan of sorrow, we all suffer because of something or someone.

Sometimes, what we need is a helping hand, an available shoulder to cry on, an ear ready to listen to us, someone to help us carry our yoke.

People might be smiling while their heart is wounding. Don’t we add up to others’ pain. For as long as we can, let’s be comforting, let’s say something nice, let’s be nice, let’s share up building thoughts with others as much as possible.

Not only will they feel better but we will also feel happy because we cheered up a neighbor. As the Bible states it, there is more joy in giving. Let’s brighten people’s world.

Good night

Afro Alice

Individual/Box braids‘ trend is coming back.  You probably want to put some on.  I hereby answer some questions you may have about braids.

1-      How much time does it take to complete individual/box braids?

It all depends on the size, the length of your braid.  In general, it takes from 6 to 8 hours to complete waist-length Hershey’s-chocolate-bite-size braids.  Mine actually took six (6) hours.

2-      For how long can someone keep her braids on?

It is recommended that you keep your hair in braids not for more than six (6) weeks.  But, I have seen people keeping them for longer.

3-      How to maintain your own hair while in braids?

Dry shampoo once per week and do a full shampoo then condition with a cap covering the braids every three to four weeks.  From my own experience, I would suggest that you dilute the…

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Field Service- One of My Favorite Activities

As you all probably know it, I’m Jehovah’s witness and one of the activities I participate a lot in is field service. Not only is it one of God’s command but also because it gives you an opportunity to defend God’s name and to show love to my neighboors.

I especially enjoyed it this morning. I was in the Port-au-Prince cemetery surbubs and I met that man who believed nobody would please God because nobody cannot fully do his will. Therefore, we will be eternally punished and find no mercy. After having read verses showing how merciful, full of love and forgiving God was, I read 1 timothy 2:3 and 4 stating about how happy God would be that all mankind be saved if they acquire knowledge of the truth. I really liked the illustration I used to support my point.

Imagine you have a daughter who is willing to cook you fried eggs. Generally, the most perfect fried eggs to you would be those with a fair amount of salt and spice and properly fried. But your daughter, with all of her love and with the best intention, did fried eggs but a little burnt and with no salt. Would you refuse to eat it or would you blame your daughter while she did her utmost to please you? Likewise, we are not perfect, yet if we do our best to do God’s will, he will befriend us.

Both of us were comforted by this. It reinforced my love for God, it made him see God and himself another way.

There is nothing more joyful than serving God and overall giving to others.