The Elf, the Yellow Butterfly & the Rainbow

As I am drawing nearer to my twenty-eighth spring, I am sitting in front of my computer asking myself for the millionth time what would my transition speech be this year.

My posts for the previous years have been about Lessons Learned and Will-dos. I beg to change this time.

This year, I just want to tell myself a story- a pep talk and a sweet reminder to my lost and aching soul.

Once upon a time an elf, a yellow butterfly and a rainbow..

A, the elf loved all beauty of nature, had an insatiable curiosity and a desire for learning and creating.  She was carefree and fun-loving.  She could never sleep and instead rested her mind with fairies and beautiful thoughts in reverie.  She was also ambidextrous and clever.  

C, the yellow butterfly felt achieved and proud because she went from being a larva to a caterpillar to a chrysalis before finally becoming that beautiful flying being with the color of the sun. Metamorphosis is her magic! She dances as she flutters among the flowers.  

E, the rainbow was a breathtaking mixture of colorful lights. Her presence was like a promise and she always brought hope.  She was the best reminder that tomorrow couldn’t be anything but good! 


A, C & E were the best friends ever and together, they form a wonderful trio: A, the elf brought the willpower, the vision and the dream; C, the yellow butterfly was the symbol of bright joy and the reminder that tomorrow will bring an opportunity for the best; E, the rainbow was the hope and the reassurance they all needed to carry on. And as long as the three of them remain best friends, life would always remain great……..